What are Prize Linked Savings?

What are prize linked savings

Prize Linked Savings are a cross between a lottery and a savings account. The chance of a big Jackpot win and the guaranteed return of funds attract depositors but as with anything in life, PLS aren’t a free lunch.

What is crypto unit bias?

Meme You Don't Have To Buy A Whole Bitcoin

Unit bias within crypto conflates the price of tokens with their value. A low nominal price is considered cheap and attractive simply because you are able to buy more units of them. This leads to poor decision making.

The rise and fall of London’s 17th-century token economy

17th century Tokens AI imagined

17th-century London had a thriving token economy with over 4,000 unique tokens circulating as a substitute for money, but it didn’t last. Most of them are buried in the muddy banks of the Thames, and their demise might give a clue as to the future of many of their 21st-century crypto token counterparts.

What is a salami slicing scam?

What is a salami slicing scam

We have a special fascination with what are known as salami slicing scams, the theft of tiny amounts of money, often through computer systems, so small that they might go unnoticed but which can add up over time to significant sums. We’ve gathered together some of the best examples of salami slicing scams.

What is time preference & why is it changing

time preference and evolution

If you asked the average person in the street what two things they would want more of, the likely answer would be time and money. Joe Public is working harder for less and increasingly living day-to-day. Economists might explain it through changes in time preference. But what is time preference, and why is it changing? Find out via a four-paragraph history of civilisation, an episode of Atlanta and Bitcoin.