The rise and fall of London’s 17th-century token economy

17th century Tokens AI imagined

17th-century London had a thriving token economy with over 4,000 unique tokens circulating as a substitute for money, but it didn’t last. Most of them are buried in the muddy banks of the Thames, and their demise might give a clue as to the future of many of their 21st-century crypto token counterparts.

CBDCs – Frankenstein Money

CBDC Frankenstein digital money

Everyone knows of Frankenstein, the story of an experiment to cobble together a super-human from remnant parts of corpses, that goes horribly wrong. Governments are trying something similar right now with money – called CBDCs – and the results could be just as ugly and out of control as Frankenstein’s monster.

Money, anonymity & morality

Cash Is More Anonymous Than Crypto

Money is changing. Governments are waging wars on cash and crypto, citing issues around anonymity and crime, but is there a more sinister reason?