About Us

No Free Lunch Meme Burger

Nofreelunch.co.uk is a sideways look at our strange relationship with money, through five related themes: work, society, deception, risk & discovery.

Everyone wants money, without knowing what it is? So we zoom out to look at its origins, and its history as well as its future. We dig into the relationship between people, money and power.

We’ve got amazing tales of hustlers and grifters, dreamers and conmen, that illustrate how and why we allow ourselves to be deceived in our desperate attempts to find money-making shortcuts.

We examine our willingness to take risks to make money, even though our basic decision-making tools often let us down.

We look at money’s wider place in society, the collective illusions about its function, usefulness and distribution and the role money plays in the ongoing existential culture wars.

We look at those who’ve sought to discover new sources of wealth: the prospectors, the inventors and the trailblazers.

Work is the traditional way we make money in exchange for our energy. We look at how work has evolved from Victorian hustles to the paradox of pointless modern employment.

But this isn’t a lecture or a history lesson. Our aim is to entertain and weave a consistent thread running through all of these themes about wealth and our pursuit of it.

Nothing in life is ever free; there is always an angle; there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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