What is a post scarcity society?

vision of post scarcity society

Inspired by 80’s sci-fi, Elon Musk envisions a world without work where AI acts like a magic Genie. But how do we get from now to this abundant future?

What are Prize Linked Savings?

What are prize linked savings

Prize Linked Savings are a cross between a lottery and a savings account. The chance of a big Jackpot win and the guaranteed return of funds attract depositors but as with anything in life, PLS aren’t a free lunch.

What are crypto’s No Loss Lotteries?

No Loss Lotteries

If there was ever a product that promised the Holy Grail of a free lunch, then crypto’s new breed of No Loss Lottery certainly sounds like it fits the bill. Can products like PoolTogether live up to their name or is this a very familiar approach served up in a fancy new wrapper?