What is a salami slicing scam?

What is a salami slicing scam

We have a special fascination with what are known as salami slicing scams, the theft of tiny amounts of money, often through computer systems, so small that they might go unnoticed but which can add up over time to significant sums. We’ve gathered together some of the best examples of salami slicing scams.

The Bitcoin hodler’s dilemma

The hodler's dilemma
The hodler’s dilemma – the problem of holding Bitcoin forever

Hodling is a meme describing the commitment needed to hold Bitcoin, but the unique characteristics of this new internet money present hodlers with a unique dilemma.

Not Fair – Bitcoin’s Latest FUD

Bitcoin not fair

As with all the most difficult FUD, the cry of Bitcoin being ‘Not fair’ bundles together a dangerous cocktail of misconceptions and irrationality that can be broadly grouped and unpicked under three headings: Inequality, Elitist & Too Expensive

We need a bitcoin Babel Fish

I think that many people – JK Rowling included – feel like they are listening to an alien language when someone tries to explain Bitcoin to them. Unfortunately modern technology hasn’t invented a Babel Fish and Crypto speak isn’t in the dropdown for Google Translate, so how does Bitcoin reach mass adoption?